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Are You Too Cool for School?

I remember my mom saying that when I was younger. I had no idea what she was talking about. How could someone be too cool for school. I was SUCH a nerd. I was more as P!nk would say, "Too school for cool." As an adult I am definitely still a "nerd". I love books more than purses and shoes...Although there was a time I tried to be all about that fashionista life. It wasn't for me or my wallet.

Now that a new school year is approaching many people are a bit apprehensive about what's to come. As a former teacher I think about my colleagues trying to manage another school year where everything is different. As a teacher I always told myself every year, "Next year will be better, I will have a better idea of: the school, the grade level, the curriculum, the behavior plan, etc..." But every year always brought new changes and nothing ever seemed to stay the same. But this year seems to really top any changes I ever had to deal with. I know in my heart though that all of these teachers are going to do their best to navigate these uncharted waters and teach your child in the best was possible.

Then I think about the kids. Those kids as they came through my classroom door the first day. Some were nervous, some acted like they didn't want to be there (but they did), and some could not contain their excitement to be back in school. I am so sad that they are missing out on that this year.

Lastly, I think about the parents. Probably because my daughter is only two so I don't fully understand the impact of having to teach your child from home. I imagine it is very difficult, frustrating, and overwhelming at times. I can tell you though it will probably be something neither you or your child forgets. Luckily now we have a world of information at our fingertips so when you don't know what a subject or predicate of a sentence is you can quickly google it.

So with everyone's world rocked and flipped upside down the very last thing you are thinking of might be school photos. Understandable. Completely understandable. But as a parent I want a yearly photo of my child. I would want to remember the year they lost their first tooth. Or that weird awkward phase that most of us unfortunately went through. Or just to say, "And this was that crazy year 2020!" My packages are not expensive. I tried to make them comparable to what a parent might spend on school photos. Only let's face it, these are much cuter.

Before you know it this year will be gone too. Whether your child is too cool for school, or too school to be cool, take a photo to remember it.

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