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Why I Stopped Doing Traditional Newborn Sessions and Started Doing Lifestyle Sessions Instead.

About 9 years ago I was entrusted by a few coworkers to photograph their adorable, brand new babies. From the moment I finished that first session I knew I wanted to photograph newborns.

Not being a mom myself at the time I just loved photographing babies with props. I would use buckets, little wooden beds, (faux) fur blankets, special little outfits and hats, I had about 100 headbands, just anything that would make that baby adorably cute.

Then I became a mom. I photographed my own baby in those things, I even went to another photographer to ensure that I would have a ton of images of my baby looking “oh so adorable” in all of those set ups. However, those are not my favorite images of my daughter. I love the ones of her sleeping in her crib, being held by her dad in our room, or me laying with her on the couch. I loved the moments that were real. And let's face it babies do not need props, or any special outfit, headband, hat, etc to make them look adorable. They are perfectly adorable just the way they are.

Now that being said, there is NOTHING wrong with posed newborn sessions. If that is what you want, and that is what you like, then you should go get those types of photos. I just know that after having my own daughter those were not the images I wanted to capture anymore.

Just like my regular family sessions I want to focus on family interaction during a session. When a baby is posed on a beanbag or in a bucket there is no interaction, and let’s face it, there is nothing natural about it. But when a baby is being held by his or her parents on the family couch and a sibling naturally reaches out to cuddle that baby. That is all natural and all about real family interaction. Those are the moments I want you to have captured in a photograph.

If you would like more information about a lifestyle newborn session please contact me.


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